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Software creators building great tools for local charities

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  • Metrics

    • When and Why We Use Them
  • Ceremonies

    • When and Why We Perform Them
  • Tools & Technologies

    • When and Why We Implement Them


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Velocity Metrics Are Not For You!

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Ways to Calculate Velocity

Velocity vs Time Graph.png
  • User Value (Product Perspective)
  • Complexity (Engineering Perspective)

Story Points ≠ Time

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  • Later Stories Leverage Earlier Implementations

  • Different Implementer Experience

  • Different Unknown-Unknowns

  • Different Amounts of Tech Debt

What Are Story Points Good For?

Story Points.jpg
  • Guide to how many points might be completable next iteration

  • Warning to the team that something may need attention

Retrospective Red Flag

Red Flag.png

"We need to get better at estimating our work"

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Test Coverage Metrics are not for You!

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Good Coverage ≠ Good Tests

Test Coverage vs Refactoring Confidence 283x600.png

Good Unit Tests Give Us the Confidence to Refactor Ruthlessly

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Unit Testing only the Happy Path

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  • Velocity Metrics are not for you
  • Test Coverage Metrics are not for you

Technical Debt - You Own It!

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Technical Debt

  • Shortcuts now that have to be paid back later

    • Lack of Supportability
    • Lack of Maintainability
    • Lack of Extensibility
  • This is the work environment for your team

    • Pleasant or Frustrating
    • Fast or Slow
    • Safe or Dangerous

Failure to Manage Tech Debt


is managing for the short-term

  • Increases TCO
  • Creates a bad work environment for devs

Tech Debt is Real $

Technical Debt.png
  • Be Judicious about taking it on
    • Add debt knowingly
    • Track debt carefully
    • Have a plan for repayment
  • Pay it off regularly
    • Communicate payback schedules
    • Live up to those schedules
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Metrics Take-Aways

  • For the Dev Team to help themselves get better
    • Not for you to use to judge the team
  • Be Careful How You Use
    • Velocity
    • Test Coverage
  • Be Dilligent With
    • Technical Debt



When and Why we Perform Them

Stand-Up Meetings are Not For You

One Hard Truth.png

Daily Stand-Ups

Football Huddle 700x307.jpg

Devs making commitments to each other

Daily Stand-Ups

Canary 800x566.png

About Exposing Problems Quickly

Stand-Ups are Not

TPS Report.jpg

About Gathering Intel for Your Status Report

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Iteration Planning Meetings are Not For You

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Planning Meetings

Understanding Stories.png

About Understanding Stories

Planning Meetings


About Exploring Hidden Complexity

Planning Meetings are not

Overfilled Bag.jpg

About Stuffing in Work

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  • Stand-Up Meetings are not for you
  • Iteration Planning Meetings are not for you

Retrospectives - You Own the Failures

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Most Valuable Ceremony.jpg


Danger Sign - Must Be Taken Seriously.jpg

Keep It Secret


Keep it Safe

Breach of Trust.jpg

Ceremonies Take-Aways

  • For the Dev Team to help themselves get Better
    • Not for you to use to report up the chain
  • Be Careful How You Use
    • Stand-Up Meetings
    • Planning Meetings
  • Be Dilligent With
    • Overcoming Roadblocks

Tools & Technologies


When and why we use them

Task Boards are not for You

One Hard Truth.png

Who Needs an E-Board?


Task Board Purpose

Check Mark.png
  • What has been done?

  • What needs to be done?

  • What should be next?

  • Is Anything Stuck?

Friction for Developers

Oil Can.png
  • Creating Value for Customers?

  • Creating Reports for Management?

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Prototypes & Research Spikes are Not for You

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A Story used to reduce or eliminate unknowns in other stories

Ward Cunningham.jpg

...the simplest thing we can program that will convince us we are on the right track... - Ward Cunningham

Prototypes & Spikes

Most Underutilized Tool.jpg
Knowledge Artifacts.jpg
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Tools & Technologies

  • Task Boards are not for you
  • Prototypes & Spikes are not for you

Trust is Yours to Build or Destroy

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Trust & Safety

Leaders Eat Last.jpg

"When a leader makes the choice to put the safety and lives of the people inside the organization first...remarkable things happen." - Simon Sinek

TED: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe



Are Always Lies


Douglas Adams on Deadlines - 913x717.jpg
  • Real

  • Reasonable

  • Responsible

Self Directed Teams

Self Directed Teams.jpg

Make their own decisions

The Goals.png

Call To Action

Use Retrospectives to create an environment of Trust for our teams

Eliminate anything from our process that doesn't lead to:

  • Increasing value to our users
  • Decreasing Total Cost of Ownership of our systems

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